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The Mind of a Leader Academy (MOAL Academy)

The most important part of any organization is the people. Our MOAL Academy programs are made by people, for people and about people focusing on developing extensive leadership skills and abilities, teambuilding, knowledge sharing and corporate communication.

1. Free classroom tools and assignments below.

Free classroom tools and assignments developed for Lecturers and professors. The material is based on the two film series ‘The Mind of a Leader I & II’ and the conclusions and advices, the result of more than 34 interviews with prominent leaders and experts around the world.

Please find your free classroom tools and assignments for each film episode below.

2. MOAL Academy training programs.

Our Academy programs are designed to improve both; individual abilities, teambuilding, knowledge sharing and corporate communication. Our certified presenters strive to facilitate group interaction and not to lecture in the traditional way. Each course may feature film episodes, class discussions, group work and cases.

MOAL Academy training programs are available as:

1. On-line courses.

2. Long-term programs or extensive short-term programs held in your organization or at beautiful locations around the world.

MOAL Academy participants receive a certificate upon completion.

Please choose from the below list of 39 topics / courses or work with our certified presenters to design the academy program that fits your specific interest and needs.

Inspiration, Training & Action

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The Mind of a Leader I (click to view)

1: Fortune & Ability

2: The Successor

3: External Organizations & Markets

4: Organizational Structure

5: Mergers & Acquisitions

6: Readiness, Opportunity & Action

7: Turning Trouble-shooters Into Scapegoats

8: Carrying Out Good And Bad Initiatives

9: Close Relations To All Levels In The Organization

10: Scare Campaigns

11: Untouchable Positions And Institutions

12: The Use Of Consultants

13: Outsourcing & Strategic Alliances

14: Studying Great Leaders And Staying Alert

15: Popularity & Efficiency

16: Managing The Expectation Of Benefits

17: Management By Fear

18: Personal Appearance

19: Delivering Good & Bad News

20: Those Who Supported The Former Ruler

21: Enterprises, Greatness & Public Diversion

22: Personal Assistants

23: Flatterers & Truthful Advisors

24: Judging Hereditary Leaders

25: Preparation For Bad Fortune

26: The Basis For A Comeback

The Mind of a Leader II

1: Vision & Mission

2: On-going Expensive Battles

3: Picking Your Fights

4: Securing Your Position and Awaiting the Enemy to Reveal Weaknesses

5: Communication, Flexibility & Timing

6: First-mover Advantage

7: Attack by Deceit

8: The Ideal Leader

9: Moral & Discipline

10: Positioning

11: Human Resource Management

12: Utilizing the Media

13: The Battle for Information